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Medical Transcription Services

HIPAA Medical Transcription Services


The Medical Transcription Company has tailored its service so that our Doctors benefit from new developments in digital dictation.


Doctors can dictate in two ways; either over the telephone using our Toll Free number or alternatively

many doctors now prefer the flexibility and mobility of a handheld digital voice recorder.



Medical Transcription Dictation Step 1 - Dictation


Telephone Call in

Simply dial our 1-800 number and leave your dictation over the telephone.

Flexibility, convenience and control to dictate from any touch tone telephone.


Handheld Digital Recorders

Using a wide variety of digital recorders, we recommend Olympus, simply dictate in the normal way.

As a small handheld device this can be used anywhere and at any time. It couldn't be simpler or more user friendly.


At the end of the day or whenever it is convenient for you, simply plug your handheld recorder into your PC using the cable provided and upload the audio files, it's that easy!.


This can be done from any PC with an internet connection; you are not tied to any one piece of equipment.



Medical Transcription Services Step 2 - Dictation Received


Our system automatically logs your dictation and allocates the corresponding individual Doctor template.

Creating individual document templates for each of our Doctors ensures we provide the exact formatting requirements every time. Doctors can amend or update their layout requirements at anytime.



Medical Transcription Services Step 3 - Medical Transcription


All our transcriptionists are split into specialist teams.

Each Doctor is allocated an individual transcriptionist, this ensures quality through familiarization on a regular basis.



Medical Transcription Services Step 4 - Quality Control


Every transcript completed by our transcriptionists go to our Quality Control Department.

Here they are checked again word by word against the original dictation by a senior transcriptionist known as a editor.



Medical Transcription Services Step 5 - Output and Complete


All files are visually checked for correctness, signed off and delivered to the Doctor's secure output directory where the files are retrieved.

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