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Medical Transcription Dictation


Two Easy Ways to Dictate


Medical Transcription DictationTelephone - Toll Free Dictation


Telephone dictation allows our doctors to dictate from any standard touchtone telephone, including cellphones.


Simply dial our 1-800 number, enter your unique identification number

and access our user friendly dictation system.








Medical Transcription Toll Free DictationHandheld Digital Recorders


The technology advances and the wide availability of digital handheld recorders have revolutionized Medical Transcription.


Digital voice recorders are specifically designed for voice dictation and therefore have a host of features to enhance and assist both dictation and transcription.


Doctors enjoy the added benefit of the mobility of digital voice recorders.

Dictation can be performed anywhere and at any time at the touch of a button, giving complete flexibility and convenience.


We recommend the Olympus range of Handheld Digital Voice Recorders.





iPhone Medical TranscriptioniPhone Integrated Medical Transcription


Our system allows iPhone users to dictate using their iPhones. Dictated files seemlessly uploaded to our system for transcription.




iPhone Medical Transcription Android Medical Transcription


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