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Medical Transcription Billing Rate


The standard Medical Transcription measurement is calculated as per line.


This 'per line' can however be interpreted in different ways and therefore billing rates can often be deceptive. Some companies quote a low per line price but this can often calculate to 20% higher than our system for the same document.


We calculate our counts using a 65-character line, not as a visual line; that is to say we take the total characters and divide by 65 to find the actual accurate character content.


This is the most cost effective way to bill our Doctors. Our Doctors only pay for what we type and can easily check and verify these counts themselves. We provide a full breakdown of counts and files to all our Doctors as standard.


Following a test sample we can establish a per line price for each individual Doctor/Clinic depending on the complexity, volume and formatting requirements.


Our cost per line is between 9 cents and 12 cents per 65 Character Line.

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